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Disputes between business partners can arise even in the best of times. These disagreements can surface over a variety of issues that, if unresolved, can lead to a toxic work environment and a deterioration in business success. Like marriages, partners in business face ups and downs related to the external world of the market and fluctuating economic times as well as conflicts that can arise based on internal issues. If the partnership is without a dispute resolution agreement in place, it will be up to you and your partners to find a way to resolve the dispute to your satisfaction.

If you are facing such a dispute in your business and need legal guidance for resolving it, we recommend that you turn to our Hartford partnership dispute lawyers. At Boatman Law, we have put our creative problem-solver hat on to address a wide variety of business disagreements throughout our 30 years of practice. We know how to identify and analyze areas in dispute in order to offer strategic solutions for complex problems. When you need dispute relief, we can help resolve the matter through appropriate legal action representing your best interests.

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More on Partnership Disputes

No matter how amicable your relationship has been, as partners you can find yourself in the middle of a dispute that seems unresolvable.

Partnership disputes can revolve around such issues as:

  • The overall management practices of the business
  • Disagreements concerning income distributions
  • An imbalance in the distribution of partner workload resulting in an unfair division
  • Disagreements over how to allocate business resources
  • Allegations of breaches of fiduciary duty
  • Allegations of other misconduct
  • An unclear separation of authority/responsibility
  • Other disagreements concerning partnership terms
  • Disagreements about retirement/buyout provisions
  • Family issues arising between business partners in the same family

Such disputes can often result in a growing deterioration of the partnership relationship and threaten the survival of the business. One way to handle such situations is to avoid them in the first place with clear-cut partnership agreements that spell out all of the details beforehand and provide a way to resolve disagreements. When this has not been thoroughly done, getting legal help from an attorney well-versed in business law is recommended.

Our firm can provide the guidance you need in any partnership dispute through diligent representation on your behalf at the negotiation table or through appropriate legal actions and civil litigation. We understand what is at stake where you business and livelihood are concerned and as your advocates, we will work diligently to help you reach a favorable outcome.

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