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Need to file bankruptcy in Hartford, CT, or are you looking for a suitable alternative that could accomplish the same goals? On the other hand, are you a creditor looking for a way to finally collect what a borrower has failed to repay? At Boatman Law, our Hartford bankruptcy lawyers havedecades of experience handling a wide range of debt-related cases.

Our Hartford Bankruptcy Law Firm

When you bring your legal or financial matter to our bankruptcy law firm, our Hartford bankruptcy lawyers can sit down with you and assess your situation, develop a plan that will accomplish your goals, and help you execute that plan with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. No matter what situation led you to our law firm, you can trust us to treat you with empathy and respect, guiding you through this challenge with a positive attitude and a commitment to fighting the injustices you’ve experienced. Visit our bankruptcy lawyer reviews to see why clients choose our Hartford law firm when they need the best bankruptcy lawyer.

Call (860) 200-2260 or contact us online for a complimentary initial consultation with our Hartford bankruptcy attorney. We have flexible scheduling and our services are available in English or Spanish.

Providing Premier Bankruptcy Services Since 1988

Because our Hartford Bankruptcy Attorneys have decades of experience, no bankruptcy-related matter is too simple or complex for our team. Our attorneys are trusted by clients and colleagues alike because we have truly seen it all. Turn to Boatman Law for assistance with any of the following:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. In just a few months, you may be able to receive a substantial discharge of your debts. You can also use state or federal exemptions to protect your property from the liquidation process.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Repay a portion of your debt in 3-5 years, and receive a discharge of your debts once you complete the plan. Chapter 13 is a suitable alternative for those who make too much to qualify for Chapter 7 or would lose valuable assets during the liquidation process.
  • Subchapter V Bankruptcy. Qualifying small businesses struggling to stay afloat can use Subchapter V, a new section of Chapter 11 bankruptcy, to reorganize and reduce debt. The process is similar to Chapter 13 but geared toward businesses instead of individuals.
  • Creditor Harassment. Many creditors and debt collectors choose to violate borrowers’ rights during the collection process, and this is unacceptable. You may be able to file suit and obtain compensation for any losses you suffered as a result of the harassment.
  • Involuntary Bankruptcy. If an individual or business is refusing to pay what they owe you, you may be able to file an involuntary bankruptcy petition on their behalf. This can help you secure the funds to which you are entitled.

Start Your Hartford Bankruptcy Filing Today

For every case we handle, our Hartford bankruptcy attorney fully personalizes the bankruptcy services. Before implementing any given strategy, we will closely analyze your situation to make sure our plan is a good solution to your unique challenges. We genuinely care for each and every client, which is why we have spent decades honing our skills as bankruptcy attorneys. No matter what challenge you face, let our team assist you. We welcome clients of all backgrounds, so let us listen to your story and help you regain your sense of confidence and hope for the future. When you need a bankruptcy lawyer in Hartford that you can trust, you know who to turn to.

Ready to begin? Contact us online or call (860) 200-2260. Our firm offers free initial consultations with our bankruptcy attorney in Hartford.

Our Clients Come First

  • “With his attention to every detail, Pat always sustains vigilant oversight of the numerous competing priorities, timelines, and requirements related to the process and maintains focus on my and my company's best interests.”

    - Earle L.
  • “It was a pleasure working with Erin and the Boatman Law Team”

    - Brenden Healy
  • “She fought the insurance companies to the end and believe me she wouldn't let them get away with anything. Her kindness made the stress of the whole process much easier.”

    - Maureen S.

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