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Case Results

  • $380,000 Settlement
    Rear-End Collision
    Awarded to a client after a low-impact rear-end collision at a stop sign. The initial offer from the UM/UIM insurer was $5,000.
  • $270,000 Insurance Claim
    Homeowners Insurance Claim
    Homeowners insurance claim for homeowner in excess of $270,000 when initial offer from insurer to remediate premises was $7,000.
  • $200,000 Settlement
    Slip & Fall
    Awarded to a client who slipped and fell at a restaurant.
  • $150,000 Settlement
    Mortgage & Foreclosure
    Awarded for unfair and deceptive acts involving a residential mortgage foreclosure.
  • $20,000 Settlement
    Identity Fraud
    Awarded to a client who dealt with identity fraud in connection with a cell phone account opened without the account holder's permission.
  • Successful Judgment
    In re EM Equipment, LLC
    In a contested involuntary bankruptcy case brought by a single creditor, the Bankruptcy Court determined that a bona fide dispute as to the amount of the claim is only relevant if it reduces the amount not in dispute below the statutory threshold set ...
  • Defeated Trustee's Claim of Entitlement
    O’Neil v. Protective Life Ins. Co. (In re Roncari)
    On behalf of the debtor and his spouse, defeated bankruptcy trustee’s claim of entitlement of over $40,000 of cash surrender value in a life insurance policy.
  • Successful Defense of More than 20 Appeals
    Bankruptcy Court in District and Second Circuit Courts
    Successfully defended more than 20 appeals of filed by a pro se debtor in more than 25 orders of the Bankruptcy Court in the District and Second Circuit courts.
  • Successful Judgment in Second Circuit Court
    D.A.N. Joint Venture v. McCormack (In re McCormack)
    Prevailed through the Second Circuit on creditor’s unsuccessful challenge to the debtor’s discharge based on the debtor’s failure to retain records.
  • Successful Reversal of Court Order
    Davis v. Hebert
    Obtained reversal of Trial Court’s order restoring a case to the docket when there was no mutual mistake but only one party’s unilateral error.
  • Successful Prosecution
    First Merchants Group Ltd. Partnership v. Fordham
    Successfully prosecuted through two appeals a declaratory judgment action to finally terminate proceedings relating to arbitration subsequent to the arbitration award.
  • Successful Appeal
    Tax Appeal
    Successfully tried a tax appeal to reduce the assessment of a unique vacation property by the Connecticut shore.
  • Successful Foreclosure Defense
    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. v. Raviv
    Defended a foreclosure action based on the lender’s misconduct after the lender failed to provide a loan modification to the borrower. Lender could not foreclose, paid over $35,000 for the borrower’s attorney’s fees and was required to provide the mo ...
  • Successful Judgment in Second Circuit Court
    Republic Credit Corp. I v. Boyer (In re Boyer)
    Prevailed through the Second Circuit on challenges to a Bankruptcy Trustee’s efforts to compromise claims of the debtor’s estate and efforts to challenge the debtor’s right to a bankruptcy discharge brought by a third-party defaulted debt purchaser.