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Contract disputes occur all the time in the business world for all types of businesses nationwide. These disputes are often based on the terms, conditions, and definitions in the contract. Having a detailed and thorough contract that covers all eventualities in precise language is important if you wish to avoid disagreements. That being said, disputes can still arise when either party to the contract fails to live up to the terms stated.

Furthermore, you may not have been able to predict a disputed situation that arises after a contract has been signed or your contract may have contained vague or ambiguous language. Also, a contract can be an oral agreement; this can make the matter even more difficult and subject to challenge. Regardless of the situation, if you are involved in a contract dispute in or around the greater Hartford County area, across Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Washington D.C. or Florida, you can turn to Boatman Law for competent legal assistance.

Our legal team understands your priorities and has the big-firm experience you need to handle contract disputes easily no matter how complex they may seem. Our years of experience both as attorneys and as a business has given us a well-rounded understanding and appreciation of how disputes can arise in a business setting. We are here to offer you strategic solutions to resolve your contract disputes as efficiently as possible.

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Contract Disputes Information & Resolution

Contract disputes typically arise when one party to the contract believes that the other party has not lived up to the stipulations stated or implied in the contract. To prevent such disputes in the first place, have your contract drafted or reviewed by an attorney who understands all of the legal aspects necessary to make a contract legally binding.

These include:

  • Making an offer from one party to the other party or parties that is clearly stated
  • Acceptance of the offer with the capacity to perform
  • Delineation of what the exchange or consideration will be between the parties
  • Intention as to the performance of what the contract states will happen

Contracts that can go into dispute and result in a breach of contract can involve any type of business agreement, including commercial leases, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, sales of goods or services, vendor agreements, consumer contracts, building contracts, contracts with suppliers, severance agreements, employment contracts, and any other type of contract between those doing business together.

When one party fails or refuses to perform its end of the bargain, essentially breaking all terms of the contract, it is called a material breach. In such cases, the aggrieved party typically must go to court to get the other party to perform or cease actions or to attempt to obtain monetary damages in exchange for the lack of compliance.

When contracts do not include remedies for disputes written into them, the disputes, like other disagreements, can be attempted to be resolved through negotiation, arbitration, or by suing the other party in civil court.

Why Turn to a Hartford Contract Disputes Attorney at Our Firm?

We often assist clients with contract disputes involving breach of contract claims, including breach of oral contract, promissory estoppel claims, personal guarantees, and claims of unconscionability. We have extensive experience litigating complex cases: in fact, other law firms often contact us when they need help with a client's case.

Members of our team have been recognized for their skill in these matters by the legal community. No case is too difficult for our experienced legal team. We strive to provide a boutique law firm feel to our clients, with personal attention and creative solutions.

Our goal is protecting your interests, no matter your situation. Whether that means considering a settlement or going to trial, we are dedicated to your case from initial meeting to its resolution. We serve clients in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, and Washington D.C.

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