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The need to dissolve a business can arise for many reasons. When all partners or those involved in the business agree on the matter or it has been written into a partnership or other agreement as to the mechanics of how it will be done, the dissolution can generally occur without a problem. The procedures for dissolving a business will be based on the type of structure involved, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or some type of corporation. Even when the dissolution is done on amicable terms, you will want to ensure that all necessary legal steps are completed with oversight from a competent attorney. When disagreements or complexities arise as to the dissolution, it is even more important to consult with an experienced business lawyer who can provide the guidance you need at this critical juncture.

No matter where you are in the process of dissolving a business, you can turn to Boatman Law for legal guidance. Whether it involves filing documentation with the proper state offices, handling creditors or liabilities, arranging a buyout, or any other matter related to this issue, our firm can help. With decades of experience handling all types of business-related legal matters, our team members excel at finding the right solutions and taking appropriate and thorough action to resolve your issue as efficiently as possible.

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Legal Procedures for Business Dissolution

A business may need to be dissolved due to a variety of circumstances, such as the retirement of its owners, one of its owners or partners wishing to sell his or her interest to the others, disputes among owners that have become irresolvable, or business failure. Whatever the reason, dissolving a business can be compared to dissolving a marriage; many decisions and complexities may need to be ironed out as well as proper steps taken to make the dissolution legal in the state. All of this needs to be handled thoroughly to prevent future problems down the road.

Even when you and the other parties are in agreement, you will want to ensure the dissolution is done effectively. You may need legal assistance with drawing up or reviewing a dissolution agreement. These agreements can include conditions for how business property will be distributed and how financial debt and tax consequences will be handled.

Every state has established laws as to how to dissolve a business based on its structure which must be followed. Our firm can ensure that these procedures are carried out properly. We can also provide legal help with other dissolution matters, such as:

  • Asset and liability valuation
  • Negotiation of a fair division of assets and liabilities
  • Review of existing contracts to ensure breaches do not occur
  • Negotiation of any disputes arising out of the dissolution
  • The sale of business property or inventory
  • Assistance with any outstanding collections
  • Implementation of employee termination processes
  • Any other matters related to the dissolution
  • Review of all other business documentation to ensure compliance with all conditions and terms, including those that outline how the dissolution should occur

Why Hire Boatman Law?

Dissolving your business can be a challenging and demanding process. To avoid future litigation or other problems, you will want to ensure that this process is done professionally with an attention to details. Our firm has an abundance of legal knowledge, skills, and the resources necessary to ensure that your dissolution is done with care and competence.

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