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Business Litigation Attorneys in Hartford

Put 35+ Years of Experience in Your Corner

Avoiding litigation is much more difficult for businesses than it is for consumers, as your company likely has several complex contracts with other parties. You may depend on other businesses for products and services, and others may be depending on you, as well. If a dispute between you and another party is headed to court, you'll need nothing short of exemplary representation. The stakes are enormously high, as the cost of an unfavorable case outcome can cripple your business beyond the point of recovery.

At Boatman Law, we have decades of experience helping businesses navigate treacherous legal waters. We know your business likely means much more to you than just a means of profit—it may be your livelihood, your passion, and the culmination of a lifelong dream. As such, we are ready to take your case to court and fight tenaciously for a favorable resolution on your behalf.

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Cases We Handle

Since 1988, our team of attorneys has helped businesses minimize losses and maximize profitability by successfully litigating disputes. As such, we have truly seen it all—no case is too simple or complex for our firm.

We handle a wide range of case types, but we primarily assist with:

  • Partnership disputes. Because so many companies are built upon partnerships, a dispute between partners can be catastrophic. From retirement/buyout provisions to family dynamics, countless factors can lead to litigation, and we are here to preserve your rights and interests during these often emotionally charged cases.
  • Contract disputes. When one party interprets contract terms differently than another party, a dispute may arise. We provide comprehensive contract litigation services, helping you advance your interests and hold others accountable for breaching terms or failing to fulfill their contractual obligations.
  • Business dissolutions. Ideally, dissolving a company is a straightforward process, and every involved party receives what they were promised in terms of compensation and ownership. However, the dissolution process may trigger several obstacles and disagreements, and we can help you navigate the resulting litigation with ease and efficiency.

The key to success in business litigation is proactiveness. The sooner you retain the services of our highly experienced legal team, the earlier we can begin to prepare your case, mitigate potential losses, and protect your ownership interests.

Why Work With Our Firm?

Boatman Law does not specialize in a single field because we understand that a legal dispute is rarely confined to one practice area. As such, our counsel is comprehensive, thorough, and multifaceted.

We achieve positive results for our clients because:

  • We have decades of legal experience
  • We are personally committed to fighting against injustice on our clients’ behalf
  • We are creative, strategic problem-solvers
  • We genuinely care about each client, and we want to make their legal process painless and even enjoyable

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Our Clients Come First

  • “Pat and Jenna not only delivered quality advice with my complicated Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, but they truly cared about me and wanted the best outcome for all involved. In my experience, this is a very rare trait for lawyers, but truly made the differenc”

    - Ken R.
  • “It was a pleasure working with Erin and the Boatman Law Team”

    - Brenden Healy
  • “We were able to settle the case, in the middle of a pandemic!”

    - Ed Mathews

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