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Real Estate Litigation Lawyers in Hartford

Are You Involved in a Dispute Concerning Real Property?

A legal problem involving real estate is never a quick-fix situation, especially when you are involved in a disagreement with another party. Boatman Law is prepared to help you protect what matters to you in a real estate legal dispute by taking legal action to assert your rights or by building a defense to counter claims against you. We are capable of litigating real estate legal matters such as the following:

  • Breach of contract
  • Foreclosure of mechanic’s liens
  • Zoning enforcement actions
  • Actions to quiet a title

If you are challenged by any of these or another type of dispute involving real estate, reach out to Boatman Law to find out how our real estate litigation attorneys in Hartford can fight for you. We have more than 15 years of experience helping our clients achieve their legal goals when litigation becomes necessary to accomplish them. We’ll work with you to learn more about your situation and develop a personalized legal strategy that can keep a good outcome within reach.

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Handling Matters Involving Mechanic’s Liens

Boatman Law can help you assert your interests whether you need to file a mechanic’s lien or have had one filed against your property. If you are a contractor or subcontractor who has performed unpaid work on a property, these legal devices can pressure a property owner into paying what you’re owed by creating a cloud on the property’s title.

Likewise, you may be a property owner with a mechanic’s lien improperly placed against your property. Our real estate litigation attorneys in Hartford can help you fight to remove the lien, which can make it extremely difficult to sell or refinance your home. A mechanic’s lien on your property can also result in a foreclosure action taken against you. We can help you defend your right to keep your property under these circumstances.

Defending Against Zoning Enforcement Actions

Boatman Law can assist clients when it becomes necessary to defend against zoning enforcement actions. If you’re facing any kind of zoning enforcement action, chances are there is a misunderstanding between you and your city’s government as to what is permissible to do or has occurred on your property.

You may be facing claims such as:

  • Operating a business in a residential zone
  • Conducting operations such as manufacturing in an unpermitted zone
  • Constructing a type of building not allowed in a certain type of zone
  • Creating living spaces in areas not designated for residential use
  • Causing pollution or noise that exceeds thresholds for your zone

Each city has its own zoning laws that determine what can happen and where in its territory. If you are facing fines, revocation of your business or operating licenses, and/or legal action as a result of zoning enforcement actions, reach out to our attorneys for assistance.

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