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Breach of Contract Lawyers in Hartford, CT

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Breach of contract involving real estate generally involves the failure to perform on one or more of the many terms and conditions delineated in the agreements. The agreements are commonly made between buyers and sellers of land, residential, or commercial properties. When either party fails to follow through on its agreement, it results in a dispute. These disputes may be settled through discussion between the parties or they may require the services of a real estate lawyer experienced in contract breaches who can negotiate a mutually-acceptable settlement or who must resort to litigation in court.

At Boatman Law, you will have access to litigators with more than 30 years of experience who are adept in creating innovative strategies for resolving such civil disputes. Our talented team of trial lawyers have routinely represented sellers and buyers, including private individuals, commercial real estate developers, landlords and tenants, and anyone else with any type of real estate matter. No matter how complex your breach of contract may appear to be, we have the skills and resources to represent and protect your legal rights and pursue your interests.

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Breach of Real Estate Contracts

Breaches in real estate contracts may involve a variety of issues. Contracts involved can include purchase agreements, rental or lease agreements, land usage agreements, or agreements pertaining to property lines or easements. Typically, however, the majority of disputes over contract breaches concern purchase agreements of residential or commercial property. These agreements are founded on transferring real property from one party to another and so must comply with legal regulations. Every state provides contract language that covers the essential issues to such transfers.

These issues include such matters as the purchase price, good faith deposit, contingencies that must be fulfilled before the sale can be concluded, down payments, loan amounts, legal property address, closing date, items included or excluded in the transfer, homeowner policies, title policies, warranties, and any other expenses involved before the transaction can be concluded.

Breaches of real estate contracts can involve defaulting on any term of the contract, such as failing to transfer title, failing to fulfill a necessary contingency, failing to qualify for a loan, the property failing to appraise properly, or one or the other party backing out of the contract without a valid reason.

Remedies for breaches of contract in such cases will depend on which party has violated the contract. Generally, remedies can include:

  • Terminating the contract. If the buyer is the breaching party, he or she may lose the good faith deposit. It the seller is the breaching party, he or she may be required to return the good faith deposit to the buyer after termination.
  • Seeking monetary damages. Whichever party is the breaching party may be sued for money damages connected with the failed transaction.
  • Suing for specific performance of a duty owed in the contract, such as forcing the seller to make contracted repairs or to complete the sale or forcing the buyer to complete certain agreements or complete the sale.
  • Retaining liquidated damages of an amount that was outlined in the contract. These damages must have been agreed upon in the contract should a breach occur and must be reasonable. An example of this would be the agreement that a seller may retain the good faith deposit when a sale fails.

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