Protect Your Property From Foreclosure

Sometimes changes in employment, medical issues or other unexpected life events affect a homeowner's ability to pay the mortgage. Many lenders will consider modifying a borrower's mortgage, even during a foreclosure case, if the borrower has enough income to support it.

At The Law Offices of Patrick W. Boatman, LLC, we will assist homeowners in navigating the foreclosure process. This may include participating in judicial mediation in an attempt to avoid a foreclosure judgment by modifying the loan or finding other foreclosure alternatives, to include selling or transferring the property with the lender's agreement. Outside of mediation, our attorneys will strongly advocate for the homeowner through the litigation process. Ultimately, if there is no good solution for retaining the home, our attorneys can assist in arranging for the transfer of title with dignity and minimal intrusiveness.

Our Approach To Foreclosure Cases

When you work with our attorneys, you receive the care of experienced legal advocates, ready to explore all modification options for you. Our goal is to defend against the entry of a judgment of foreclosure.

Our clients have many different types of circumstances, but some common types of foreclosures we defend against include:

  • Strict foreclosure
  • Foreclosure by sale
  • Foreclosure of second mortgage
  • Problems with incorrect payoff statements
  • Problems with loan documents
  • Fraud or undue influence

From your initial meeting to the resolution of your case, we offer dedicated client attention. Our firm offers a boutique firm feel, including personal attention and individualized strategies for success - all supported by the big-firm legal experience that you need.

Call For Your Free Consultation Regarding Foreclosures

The Law Offices of Patrick W. Boatman, LLC, can be reached at 860-924-7478 or through our contact form. A foreclosure defense lawyer will get back to you shortly to discuss your unique situation. Nosotros hablamos español.

We see clients at our East Hartford office, and serve clients throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Florida and the District of Columbia.