Is Bankruptcy Right For My Situation?

No one wants to file for bankruptcy. But sometimes, there is no other good option to resolve overwhelming financial issues. At The Law Offices of Patrick W. Boatman, LLC, we evaluate your individual situation and then assist you in finding the best way out of financial distress.

Our team of attorneys is comprised of trusted insolvency advisors in the legal community, known for vigorous representation of individuals facing complex financial situations.

Advantages Of Filing For Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy filing immediately provides for an automatic stay, which gives you a bit of breathing room. Creditors are not allowed to continue collection efforts during the time when you are a bankruptcy debtor unless they obtain permission from the Court to do so. As a result, creditors cannot continue any pending lawsuits at that time, to include collection or foreclosure actions. The bankruptcy filing also impacts any pending eviction actions or wage executions.

A bankruptcy discharge allows the filer to have a fresh start. You can work on rebuilding your credit without the financial pressures and collection efforts.

Our firm is experienced in counseling individuals in matters involving :

  • Personal property and repossession
  • Adversary proceedings
  • Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13
  • Handling harassment from creditors
  • Lawsuits from creditors

While bankruptcy is the right solution for many individuals, it is not always the one-size-fits-all solution for your needs. During a free consultation, our attorneys at The Law Offices of Patrick W. Boatman, LLC, can discuss a legal approach tailored to your situation.

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