Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Our firm represents individuals and businesses in the midst of an insolvency crisis. We represent a wide range of clients who must file for relief pursuant to Chapters 7, 11, or 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Our firm counsels debtors with no assets, as well as debtors who wish to emerge from bankruptcy, if possible, with certain assets intact. We also litigate adversary proceedings on behalf of debtors and creditors alike. Our firm coordinates and represents creditors seeking to file an involuntary bankruptcy petition against an insolvent individual or company. We are similarly able to counsel clients about alternatives to bankruptcy – to negotiate an out of court workout with creditors, to coordinate a secured party sale, or to supervise the winding down of a business. Our attorneys are both savvy and sensitive and aspire to provide compassionate counsel to clients undergoing liquidation or reorganization.